In Honor of President Mike McKillip
By Firefighter Corey Swisher
July 10, 2020

Last evening the members of FDLS and the McKillip family learned once again of all the lives that were touched by Mike McKillip. One of those lives is David Sharp Jr. who was friends with Mike from his time at Hershey.

David wanted to honor his friendship to, as he called him, "Big Mike" and created a memorial bench which the members of the Lower Swatara Fire Department were honored to place in the lobby of the social hall. A place that Mike was often found either working Bingo or cooking for dinners.

As stated from David about Mike, "Another hobby piece. This time as a memorial to a friend. Many years working with this great man in Hershey. Big Mike McKillip will be missed by many people. You were a great son, father and grandfather. You will also be missed by your fire fighter family. May you rest in peace my friend."

On behalf of the members of the Lower Swatara Fire Department, we are extremely grateful for this memorial in honor of Mike McKillip as well as extremely grateful to the McKillip family for allowing us to continue honoring Mike by displaying the memorial .