Engine and Rescue get Firecom Headsets
By Assistant Chief Kevin Zimmerman
July 16, 2017

Today, 7-16-2017, Engine 59-1 and Rescue 59 are having Firecom wireless Headsets installed. These headset will prevent the crews from being exposed to high noise levels while riding in the apparatus. Even with the additional insulation built into the cabs of modern day fire apparatus to reduce the motor noise, personnel are still exposed to prolonged elevated noise levels from the motor, sirens, radios, etc. The headsets will also allow the crews to talk to each other and to listen to Dauphin County radio without being drowned out by the sirens and motor noise. This will enhance operations by allowing the crew to clearly communicate and develop a plan prior to arrival. Each riding position will have a headset that will be worn while in the apparatus. Additionally, since the headsets are wireless, they can be worn while operating outside the apparatus, enhancing the driver's ability to operate while still monitoring communications.

This is an investment in hearing preservation that the members of the department need and deserve. Firefighter safety is the number one priority for our department. The members would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Lower Swatara Fire Department Auxiliary members for assisting with the purchase of the headsets and completing this project. We appreciate their continued support.